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Social impact

Since 2022, Olafiltro water filters have been used by organizations, homes, clinics and community centers in Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua and Haiti. We are proud to work with the following organizations:

Testimonials from Our Partners

Very useful!

"Through its innovative water filters, OLA Filtro provides safe and ecological access to drinking water to people and organizations in countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico and the United States.⁣"

- Dunia Perdomo, OYE Honduras

Thank you

“People are very happy with Ola Filters. Now families are buying plastic containers to collect water from the Ola filters and have water at home, since Santa María and Patzun, for example, have water only two hours a day.”

- Fredy Muldonado, Buckets of Rain, Guatemala

What innovation!

"Effective, elegant and practical for at least log 6 (99.9999%). USAID provided [different] large water filtration systems to our hospital in Saint Lucia and these were the size of a small truck."

- Gerard V. Smith MD, St. Lucia