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Olafilter for Faucets

The filter for people with threaded faucets
175.00 GTQ Q210.00

Olafiltro connects directly to the faucet.

Blocks: 99.9999% of bacteria 99.99% of parasites 99.99% of microplastics, silt, sand and turbidity

Lasts 3 years on average. The filter will stop allowing water to flow once it has reached the end of its life!

Easy to use. Practical. Fast.

How does it work?

Plug it into your faucet .

Use with medium water pressure.

Use clean water for drinking, cooking, anything .

How long does it last?

On average, Olafiltro for Faucets last 3 years. With correct usage and regular maintenance, it can last even longer!

What does it filter?

The Olafilter for Faucets blocks 99.9999% bacteria , cysts, parasites , pathogens, insect eggs, E. Coli , giardia, amoebas, cholera , sediments, particles and microplastics.

Where is it made?

The Olafiltro is manufactured in the USA, in Chicago, Illinois, in an ISO-certified factory that meets the highest international standards for quality, health and safety.

Each filter is tested for durability, strength and effectiveness. The Olafilter has been tested for pathogen removal in laboratories in the US and Guatemala and exceeds international water filtration standards .

It's time for a better water filter.

Independently tested in internationally recognized laboratories and all claims supported by publicly shared laboratory reports.