NGOs 🙌, COCODEs 🤝, church groups 🤲 and labor cooperatives 💪 receive wholesale pricing.

Social impact

In the year and a half that the Ola water filters have been in market, we have worked with organizations, clinics and community centers in Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, Haiti and the US.

And we have brought clean, safe and affordable drinking water more than 18,000 people .

Discounts for Social Organizations

All community organizations receive wholesale pricing. This is open to NGOs, COCODES, schools, clinics, church groups and labor or women's cooperatives.

To learn more, buy water filters or schedule an information meeting, write to or send a message via WhatsApp +502 3683 9350

Resource Library

To facilitate Ola water filters in your programs, we have created resources that you can access in our resource library .

We have designed these materials with the knowledge we have gained through years of distributing water filters and talking to families about their needs, limitations and concerns.

Our documents include instructional videos in Spanish, Kaquikel, Tzutujil and English.

We also offer graphic designs for flyers, promotional vinyl handouts, and educational brochures.

All of our learnings are compiled and presented for your benefit and for the most important goal: social justice in access to clean water.

Testimonials from some of our partners

Incredibly useful!

"Through its innovative water filters, Olafiltro provides safe and ecological access to drinking water to people and organizations. Incredibly useful!"

- Dunia Perdomo

Director, OYE Honduras

What an innovation!

"People in our communities are really happy with their Olafilters. Now they are buying water containers to collect and filter water to have at home. Especially in Santa Maria y Patzen where, for example, they only have running water two hours a day.
- Fredy Muldonado
Country Director, Buckets of Rain, Guatemala


"Olafiltro is effective, elegant and practical for at least log 6 (99.9999%). USAID provided [different] large water filtration systems to our hospital in Saint Lucia and those were the size of a small truck!"

-Gerard V. Smith MD

Doctor and WASH Coordinator, St. Lucia

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